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The back two auditoriums are haunted. It has also been reported that on winter nights an "entity" described as being 7 foot tall with no feet and red eyes knocks on windows to awaken the people asleep inside.

Also the owners daughter fell off the top balcony and haunts the area she fell. The last thing he fixed Was an ice maker. Many people refuse to walk through the underpass day or night because they feel weird doing so.

Others say they have seen her walking in the halls. There are a series of large poles, possibly 30 feet high, with three giant tires hanging from them. Even though no superhero at the time dared to speak out against these acts, some did add a plea for restraint to the comic book crusaders praising the glories of war.

Any time the Restaurant is painted or repaired she appears. Two people were seen running out of the bank chasing after some people walking down the street, even though the doors were shut and locked.

One night the employees there saw a beautiful blonde woman in an old fashioned nurses uniform with a laundry cart get on the elevator, the two employees ran down the stairs to find out who she was and why she was taking their laundry cart.

Salem - Capital Building - The capital was burned down twice by fire. But they have been talked about by the students for many years. Portland - Kennelworth park - said to be a young girl was raped and killed there, often walking in the park at night you can hear trying to scream or see her walking around the area.

Supposedly by a menacing figure in fatigues holding a large knife. We lived right next door to the graveyard and on more than one occasion observed him standing in the same spot just staring straight ahead. They also reported seeing signs hanging from the ceiling swaying back and forth like they were being tapped in a row.

People report seeing a ghostly figure wandering around the property. She's executive director of the Heights Community Congress and said teens she knows saw the fair as a chance for an impromptu fashion show, a place to show off their duds.

Portland - Hollywood Theatre - Built in the twenties at least 4 past managers have actually SEEN the spirit of a man in a white suit in the upstairs lobby.

Also stories of the massive chandelier swinging for no reason, and this was a massive thing that you usually see in movies. It is believed by some to be the home of a long lost soul that died there so many years ago. A whitish figure wonders about the theater seats. In the late eighteen hundreds there was a gun fight over one of the local young woman that lived in town.

The 19th-century Australian term flash mob referred to a segment of society, not an event, and showed no other similarities to the modern term flash mob or the events it describes. Also two workers were closing and talking when they heard an older man clearing his throat and when they approached where the sound was coming from they saw smoke and smelled pipe tobacco.

Ohio State Marching Band

In Oregon Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. If you park under the tree, he will push you up the hill.

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If you are in the changing room that is only about two doors away from the room he lived in you can sometimes here him talking. Now, a simple web search of "flash mobs" in your city will lead to slick companies that organize flash mobs, with professional pedigree.

Apparitions of people where reported, especially by children. Bend - Pilot Butte Cemetery - Reports of blue orbs. One lives back stage and usually only appears once to check on shows. Also if you go at night, you can hear sounds like people chanting, or footsteps if you sit in car with the lights off right next to those two buildings.

Ohio State QB sensation Cardale Jones should turn pro today

Beaverton - Shilo Inn - The upstairs sports den and Canyon room are rumored to be haunted. Aug 15,  · At the "flash mob" event hosted at 8 Mile and Haggerty Road in Oakland County, Trump supporters lined the street corner donned in pro-Trump or U.S.A.

gear, waving signs such as. Oregon State University students and staff turned the Memorial Union Quad into the scene of a Bollywood film on Friday afternoon when more than 70 people participated in a flash mob dance in the middle of the quad.

Ohio State QB Cardale Jones has just pulled off arguably the greatest career by a college football QB in the history of the sport.

given Jones’ flash-mob success and obvious talent, there. May 06,  · Leave it to the largest university in the nation to pull off one of the most impressive “Glee” flash mobs we’ve seen. To promote a sprawling student union that recently opened, a gang of Ohio State students and staff, clad in the customary scarlet and gray took on the Fox hit’s signature song, “Don’t Stop Believin' ” on Monday.

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Donatos Pizza Hand Tossed Flash Mob – OSU/USC – Semalt

The user is responsible for making a final determination of copyright status. If copyright. The Ohio State University Marching Band • 1 year ago. Ohio State Marching Band Hollywood Blockbusters Halftime Show 10 26 OSU vs Penn State Flashmob Flash Mob - Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy) Beethoven Symphony No.9 classical music cd tube • 6 years ago.


Osu flash mob
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