Concentration sodium thiosulphate coursework

This year you will very soon get the complete information I will keep everything constant apart from the variable I am changing-temperature.

Study of digestion of starch by salivary amylase and effect of pH and temperature on it.

How do you calculated the concentration of sodium thiosulfate against potassium iodate?

Wherever possible such techniques should be used. Hydrochloric acid and Sodium Thiosulphate pellets as they are the chemicals I am experimenting with.

If the results were consistent and accurate I could use them to back up my original theory. Have you lost your CBSE mark sheet.

Both of these methods are more accurate, but are much slower. As the concentration of Na thiosulphate additions, the sum of clip lessenings because the reaction is acquiring faster. Aluminium cation reaction[ edit ] Sodium thiosulfate is also used in analytical chemistry. Evaluation All of my results were accurate and fitted the pattern of results.

It is also used in estimating volumetrically the concentrations of certain compounds in solution hydrogen peroxidefor instance and in estimating the chlorine content in commercial bleaching powder and water.

Safety I will make sure I handle the sodium thiosulphate solution and hydrochloric acid with care. I could have had more accuracy by carrying out the experiments in a temperature controlled environment. This reaction is employed in one synthesis of the industrial reagent thioglycolic acid: The effect is seen to last longer.

How should we record and organize our data. Production[ edit ] On an industrial scale, sodium thiosulfate is produced chiefly from liquid waste products of sodium sulfide or sulfur dye manufacture. I imagine that the sodium thiosulfate to have much more wider use in the distant future and I have only begin to touch only just a small part of this, and not just its ability to remove heavy metals, chlorine, toxic compounds, excess cyanide, its anti-anxiety, anti-depressant effect, promotes sleep, is a laxative, used as a skin problems such as eczmea, and many other applications, I simply can't remember.

This means more of the particles collide and more of the collisions result in a reaction, so the rate of reaction increases. How should we go about changing this.

Data are limited on this method with few recommendations. In my personal observation a bicarbonate formula, in alkaline form mixed with a very tiny amount of sodium nitrites works the same way based on my experiment as both the nitrogylcerine and the sodium nitrite degrades to nitric oxide in presence of organic acids.

As a component in hand warmers and other chemical heating pads that produce heat by exothermic crystallization of a supercooled solution.

Study of common food adulterants in fat, oil, butter, sugar, turmeric powder, chilli powder and pepper. I will also try to make my timing and the heating of the sodium thiosulphate solution as accurate as possible.

Below are diagrams to illustrate and explain my method Fair Test To ensure that this experiment is fair I will control the variables, i. Variables There are different variables which can be changed.

Gcse Sodium Thiosulphate Coursework — articles-seek. For this purpose it is used together with sodium nitrite. It may be instilled subcutaneously into multiple sites using a small-gauge needle. I would therefore imagine that the thiocyanate is less toxic than the apricot pits but also reduces the side effects by allowing the body to rid of them easier.

Sodium thiosulfate

As the concentration of sodium Thiosulphate decrease the time taken for the cross to disappear increases, this is an inverse equilibrium was reached the solutions turned a yellow color, the stronger the concentration was.

Maths Course Work Book 2. Download. Jump to Page. You are on page 1 of 5. Search inside document. Reaction of sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid. GCSE Investigation.

When I repeat the experiment I will identify I will change the concentration of Sodium Thiosulphate (decreasing the concentration of the substance in solution means.

Reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid

Sodium Thiosulphate Solution Standardization Accurately weigh about mg of primary standard Potassium Dichromate, previously pulverized and dried at °C for 4 hours. Dissolve in ml of distilled water in a glass-stoppered, ml conical flask. Jun 30,  · Help with rates of reaction coursework (Hydrochloric acid and Sodium Thiosulphate)?

What are the half equations for the reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid (redox)?

Why is the hydrochloric acid and sodium thiosulphate mix reaction is slower when cold and faster when hot?Status: Resolved. Learning Outcomes: What affects the rate of reactions?

Sodium thiosulfate

Experiments to find out how, temperature, concentration and particle size affect the rate of reaction using sodium thiosulphate. How does temperature affect the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid? Concentration and rates of reaction - "Disappearing cross" experiment Aim I am ideal female body structur investigating the effect of the.

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Concentration sodium thiosulphate coursework
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Concentration of sodium thiosulphate coursework